The 14th International Congress of IAPNM will only receive full scientific articles. The theme that guides the event was divided into 12 tracks for articles in English, and one of the tracks also receive articles in Portuguese or Spanish:

 The evaluation of the submitted papers will be blind peer reviewed, with the evaluators being members of the event scientific committee. The papers must be unpublished. Articles submitted in English will be accepted. Articles in Portuguese or Spanish will be accepted only on the track of Ibero-American Studies. Each paper can have up to five (5) authors and are allowed up to three (3) submissions of paper by author (regardless of whether or co-authored).

To ensure impartial evaluations, the articles may not contain any identification or indication of authorship, both in the property file field, as the body of the article. The paper presentation in the event and its inclusion in the event materials is subject to registration by least one of the authors.

To submit an article, the author (s) (s) (are) must put it in the format of IRPNM (see ) and make the online submission, indicating the most appropriate track for the article, noting that articles in Portuguese or Spanish must be submitted exclusively to the track of Ibero-American studies. If the article is approved, at least one author must register for the event.

In order to standardize the format of the article, you must use the templates for title page and to full paper.

Submission Form
After effecting the submission send an email to . Thank you!



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