O Evento

On 10, 11 and 12 December 2014, FUCAPE Business School will host the 2nd Brazilian Business Review Conference (BBRConference), sponsored by the Brazilian Business Review - BBR online, Journal of the Business Area with Espirito Santo´s best CAPES (A2) rating.


The BBR 2nd Conference aims to bring to Espírito Santo state new opportunities for the knowledge dissemination in the business area providing information sharing among researchers from internationally well named institutions and participants of this conference. The 2nd Conference BBR will continue the knowledge dissemination process.


For these impacts not be maintained only at the regional level where the event will be held, it will be available electronically all knowledge generated at the event through the BBR journal website.


During the days of the conference, there will be lectures and workshops, with the presentation of the best papers, using similar criteria to those used by BBR journal. Such work will be part of a special issue of BBR regarding the 2nd BBR Conference, as occurred in the first event in 2011.


It will participate in the event professors of the best universities in the United States, Canada and Europe, as the University of Minnesota (USA); University of Beira Interior (Portugal), University of British Columbia, among others.


About Brazilian Business Review (BBR):


Brazilian Business Review (BBR) is the Scientific Journal of the business area with the best Espirito Santo´s CAPES (A2) rate and have access available in the journal own www.bbronline.com.br. Its policy aims to stimulate interdisciplinary debate and critical view of the business knowledge with articles that contribute to the Academy and practice.


The scope of BBR - Brazilian Business Review reaches the international level,getting readers and researchers from several countries, for being the first and only scientific journal in the business field, in Brazil, published fully in two languages: Portuguese and English. In a report issued in December 2013, the BBR - Brazilian Business Review showed that almost 88% of the readers are foreigners (Jan- dec/2013), confirming its international recognition.


About FUCAPE Business School:


FUCAPE is recognized as reference in scientific production and have high level of research production in the areas of Management, Accounting and Economy, being elected as the 8th best higher education institution in the country and the best (1st place) in the Espírito Santo state, according to the General Courses Index - IGC 2012 prepared by the Education and Culture Ministry (MEC).